Do you remember the ex-MySpace competitor, Virb.com? It used to be a great place for bands to host their music and get into the ears of potential new fans.

If you visit Virb today, you will notice that out of necessity, the company had to completely change gears and go in a different direction in order to survive. If MySpace still can't make things work, it's safe to say that Virb had no other choice.

When you have a fan or customer base in place, and have built enough of a reputation to be recognized, it's okay to set your feet firm on the ground, take a deep breath and start walking toward another goal.

Building a successful business is like walking through a maze. You'll see an opening at times, but that certain route might not always be the exit. But the only way to find that out is to fail, right?

This weekend, I decided to do something more with this blog. Instead of just hosting my everyday ramblings (which it still will do), I am working on some products and awesome programs that will help any aspiring entrepreneur live out their dreams the right way.

This is me pivoting in order to make this website even better.