Outsourced Tasks This Week

It's late on Monday evening. I'm getting a lot done today - per usual. I only have two more days left of Whole30. It has been a great journey and can't wait to apply my learnings to normal everyday life moving forward. That said, however, I also can't wait to be able to not be confined to only certain food items.

As all of my readers know, you can optimize your time by outsourcing general tasks to a team of virtual assistants using Fancy Hands. Below is my list for this week.

  • Make an Appointment: Schedule my monthly on this specific date.
  • Call Leads: Call the marketing leads that are coming in.
  • Sign Up for Jarvis: I need a new account with them.
  • Order a Gift: Have it sent to my address.
  • Promote Products: Continue posting product information to certain sites.


Have an awesome week!