Outsourced Tasks This Week

I'm taking a vacation in a few weeks. That means I need to get a lot of things done much quicker before I go. Using Fancy Hands, I can do this by letting my team of virtual assistants take care of a lot of my tasks. Below is an example of this week's spread.

  • Book a Massage: Call and book an appointment for me.
  • Find a Local A/C Company: I need a second opinion on my A/C unit. Please find the best company for a consultation.
  • Hire Local Handyman: I need to remove a gazebo and install a new one. Find me someone affordable.
  • Fax Insurance to Lease Company: My old car lease company needs a copy of the insurance agreement to close the account. Please fax it over.
  • Order an International Phone for Trip: Call Verizon and get me the best International phone to use while abroad.

I never need to stress out about not getting everything done anymore.