Outsourced Tasks This Week

I'm not feeling 100% this week. That's why I'm planning on really taking advantage of my outsource partners this week. Using Fancy Hands, these are some of the things I will accomplish while not having to worry about them directly.

  • Install Zopim Chat on All Sites: Download the Wordpress plugin and install it across a list of my Wordpress sites.
  • Post Yelp Reviews: I'm doing businesses a disservice by not reviewing the experience I have with them. Please post the reviews on my behalf.
  • Upload Portfolio Information: In an attempt to market my work, I'd like to decorate my freelance profiles with my portfolio. Please upload my work to my profiles.
  • Cloud-Print Ready Printer: GFirst, find out if my current printer is "cloud-ready." If it's not, send me a list of the top 5 cloud-ready printers.
  • Download Music Albums: I'm tired of digitizing my CDs. CDs are dead. I'll send you a list of albums I need downloaded. Just download them for me.

No one ever needs to know that I'm not 100%.