Outsourced Tasks This Week

What a fast-paced Monday it has been! As you can see, I'm posting this in the late afternoon. That means the morning really had me occupied. The first week of my Soylent tests went extremely well. I felt great throughout last week. Now I only have this week before I partake in the Whole 30 Body Program. I'm looking forward to getting into that next Monday now too.

Always a lot of experimenting going on here. That's what makes life so fun and unpredictable.

As all of my readers know, you can optimize your time by outsourcing general tasks to a team of virtual assistants using Fancy Hands. Below is my list for this week.

  • Check Insurance Coverage: I just need to know if a doctor is in network.
  • Call the Wine Foundry: Find out about startup information.
  • Call YouBar: Find out about startup information.
  • Research Podcasts: Continue building the list for publicity purposes.
  • Promote Products: Continue posting product information to certain sites.


Have a very productive workweek!