Outsourced Tasks This Week

I know it's Tuesday already. That just shows you that I've been in flow for all of Monday. Not working hard, but working smart. Focusing on being productive. You should try it sometime. If you have yet to do so, check out Followup.cc and Resnooze to help you move your tasks to your email inbox. Doing so will change your life.

As all of my readers know, you can optimize your time by outsourcing general tasks to a team of virtual assistants using Fancy Hands. Below is my list for this week.

  • Place a Pre-Order: Make sure you time it right so that I am sure to get it.
  • Change Subscription: Call and change the settings of my subscription.
  • Book Appointment: I need to see a doctor for something. Please make an appointment.
  • Change Pin Code: Call the bank and reset it.
  • Call Cable Company: I need to change the monthly bill.


Have a very productive workweek!