Outsourced Tasks This Week

I'm trying something new this week. I'm going to-do list-less. Let me explain briefly. I have many different tasks to complete every day. Since I'm a well-diversified individual, I need reminders as to what needs to be accomplished when. Otherwise, I would never be able to remember what to work on as I weave in and out of all of my projects.

This week's experiment puts everything in one single location that I can't avoid anyway. Instead of getting distracted by a long list of tasks in my RTM dashboard, I have decided to have reminders sent to my email inbox when I need to do them. This will allow me to focus on one task at a time and only rely on my email inbox to be productive.

So far so good, but I'll continue to report on my productivity after the week concludes.

As all of my readers know, you can optimize your time by outsourcing general tasks to a team of virtual assistants using Fancy Hands. Below is my list for this week.

  • Call Someone Back: Received a voicemail. Please call them back.
  • Inquire about Partnership:¬†Return a call about a possible partnership.
  • Set up Resnooze Reminders:¬†List them all out in one place.
  • Optimize Canned Responses: I need to embed canned responses into my email platform.
  • Transfer Domains: GoDaddy is messing up. Please call them and figure out a domain transfer issue.

Here's to another successful week for all of my readers. Beat this week by accomplishing everything on your list of tasks (or lack thereof).