Outsourced Tasks This Week

It's another week, and another set of tasks that I do not want to take care of myself. Using Fancy Hands, these are some of the things I will accomplish while not having to worry about them directly. Isn't outsourcing beautiful?!?!

  • Find a Reliable Online Advertiser: I need an experienced AdWords/FB ad manager that will only charge a percentage of monthly ad spend.
  • Distribute a Press Release: We have big news. Please get the word out by sending/emailing the press release to local news sources.
  • Create Email Lists: Sort through a certain folder in my Gmail and add all inquirers to a new list inside of Mailchimp.
  • Buy Artie Lange Tickets: Let's have some fun at a comedy show.
  • Purchase an Engagement Gift for a Friend: Find where they're registered and pick something out from the list. Ideally for their new home.