Outsourced Tasks This Week

I'm feeling ready for this week. Had my espresso, held our weekly Monday morning team meetings, and now I'm off to my task list. Using Fancy Hands, I will let my team of virtual assistants take care of many of those to-do items that I'm not looking forward to doing throughout the week. Below is an example of this week's list of tasks that I'm outsourcing.

  • Make Permit Inspection Appointment: Call inspection company.
  • Confirm Insurance Address: Call and confirm address with provider.
  • Fax Investor Paperwork: I'll provide the fax number. Just send over a few documents.
  • Renew Sirius Radio: Subscribe to the monthly plan for me.
  • Write a blog post: I'm in need of a 400 word blog post on a specific topic.

As always, here's to another productive week filled with success and task completion!