Outsourced Tasks This Week

Here is a list of some of the tasks I didn't think were worth my own personal time this week. That's why I sent them off to my team of assistants at Fancy Hands to take care of them quickly. - Verizon Voicemail Information: I am now using Better Voicemail for my personal cell phone line. Since the software redirects after a few rings, I wanted to edit the number of times my original voicemail system routes to itself when receiving a call. Simply call Verizon to find out how the number of rings can be edited on my line.

- Cheapest/Quickest PSD to Wordpress Service: I'm always looking for more reliable partners to outsource some of my website projects to. With an updated list of the cheapest and most trustworthy providers, I'll always be able to maximize my margins.

- Find the Best A/C Repair Company in My Area: I fear that my A/C unit has seen better days. It's pretty old and may need to retire. I would like an expert to stop by the house to audit it and give me suggestions I can trust. Find a provider that will carry out a free assessment and quote in a timely manner.

- Find the Right Gazebo Cover: We have a gazebo in our backyard and recently removed the top to replace it with a new one. We've ordered the wrong size twice and insist on someone else asking experts around the web which product I need that will actually fit my gazebo.

Perhaps I'll use next week's tasks to also update the previous week's tasks. That way, you'll be able to see just how effective outsourcing tasks can be.

Be more productive by doing less!