Outsourced Tasks This Week

If you keep track of these weekly outsourcing posts, you'll realize that this one is being released in the afternoon, which is very atypical of me. That just shows how busy I am on this wonderful Monday morning. Using Fancy Hands, I will let my team of virtual assistants take care of many of those to-do items that I'm not looking forward to doing throughout the week. Below is an example of this week's list of tasks that I'm outsourcing.

  • Apple Certified Technicians: Find me a local shop that is equipped to fix a broken iMac computer with a fried hard drive.
  • Find Local Grout Cleaners: I'm seeking a specialty solution for the bathroom in my home.
  • Change Hearing Test Appointment: I can't make the previously set appointment. Please postpone to a few weeks afterward.
  • Find Keychain Manufacturers: I'm looking for a reliable provider with a quick turnaround. It doesn't matter where they are located.
  • Test New Mailserver: Send some test emails to make sure all forwarders are working properly.

Here's to yet another very efficient week!