Outsourced Tasks This Week

It's another week in a race against my own productivity. Will I be able to get everything accomplished? With the help of my virtual assistants, I'll have a better shot at it. Using Fancy Hands, I let my team of virtual assistants take care of many of my to-do items throughout the week. Below is an example of this week's task list.

  • Confirm Pet Sitter: I'm doing a favor for a family member. Please make sure the pet sitter will show up.
  • Fax tax documents: Send off to my accountant.
  • Start Trunk Club account: Find out how to place first order and the costs involved.
  • Order a Piece of Hardware: One of our bathrooms needs a replacement part. Place the order.
  • Look Into Bench: A new startup does your bookkeeping. Find out more information on them.

Let's kick this week's ass!