Outsourced Tasks This Week

Now that I'm pretty much caught up with work, it's back to normalcy for me. One of my favorite things to do on Monday mornings is to go through my weekly tasklist and divvy up tasks I don't want to have to do and send them along to my team of experts. Using Fancy Hands, I can do this by letting my team of virtual assistants take care of many of my to-dos. Below is an example of this week's task list.

  • Call Capital Lighting: We had a Groupon voucher that expired before we got back from vacation. Call the vendor to see if they'd still honor the deal.
  • Call about Flood Insurance: My mortgage broker is asking about our flood insurance details. Please retrieve it and send to WF.
  • Finalize Birthday List: I still feel like a little kid that makes a birthday list, but please edit and finalize it so I can send to family.
  • Corporate Video Research: Find 10 videos that have the CEO talking about the company on the homepage of the company's website.
  • Send Recurring Invoice: Please set up and send a monthly invoice to a new consulting client that starts August 1st.

It feels really great to be back into my normal swing of things.