Outsourced Tasks This Week

I've been away from work for a few weeks. Although vacation was amazing, it's time to get back to work. This week, I have plenty to do. That's why I have no problem pawning off the following tasks to my team. Using Fancy Hands, I can do this by letting my team of virtual assistants take care of many of my to-dos. Below is an example of this week's task list.

  • Call Joe from Lindstrom: We got a new air conditioning unit and need to obtain a permit for it. Please return Joe's call.
  • Get Flood Insurance Quotes: Apparently, I need a new plan. Please obtain quotes.
  • Signing Up for Deliver Lean: Get more information on the best meal options for me through Deliver Lean.
  • Call Landscaper: Ask about outstanding invoice, pay it, and obtain updated cut schedule.
  • Buy Concert Tickets: I missed a bunch of great concert tickets going on sale. Take the list and purchase best seats possible for all of them.

I'm sure I'll be playing catchup for a few weeks.