Outsourced Tasks This Week

I leave for vacation this week. As usual, this means I need to be very productive to make sure everything gets done before I leave. Using Fancy Hands, I can do this by letting my team of virtual assistants take care of many of my to-dos. Below is an example of this week's task list.

  • Packing List: Find me an essential packing list somewhere on the web that recommends items I need for my trip.
  • 2012 Tax Documents: Compile all of my 2012 tax documents and send digitally to my accountant.
  • Find a New Grill: We need a new outdoor grill for the house. Please scour the web the best quality for the lowest price.
  • Backing Up Wordpress Sites: Find me the best Wordpress plugin that automatically backups my site(s) everyday.
  • Restaurants in L.A.: I have a layover in Los Angeles. Find me a great restaurant that's close to the airport that will also be quick.

Note: The beauty of a vacation is that I'll still be able to have work done (by other people) on demand while I'm out of the office.