Outsourced Tasks This Week

All busy entrepreneurs need to find the best ways to optimize their time. As part of my intentions to "Teach the World" on this blog, I will be posting some of the types of tasks I outsource to a virtual assistant every week. Consider this the first of many and look forward to learning some great tips on how to spend more time doing what you need to and less time carrying out tasks that lower your quality of life. - Find the Right Gazebo Cover: We have a gazebo in our backyard and recently removed the top to replace it with a new one. We've ordered the wrong size twice and insist on someone else asking experts around the web which product I need that will actually fit my gazebo.

- Research Reliable Receptionist Services: I'm downsizing my office space and want to find out if it's more cost-effective to let a virtual receptionist take over all our call-answering needs. This type of research can take hours, so I'll leave it to some expert web researchers.

- Research Monthly Blog Writing Services: What if you wanted to outsource article writing every week? Is there a service that you can become a member to and just "order" new content? If not, how low of a price can we find per high-quality article?

- Make a Powtoon Video for SocialBoon.com: Endagon's launching a new service that automates social media marketing for small businesses. The site is already live but we don't have an original overview video on the homepage yet. I'm hoping a video editor can build something simple for me through Powtoon.

- Make a Powtoon Video for WriteMySEO.com: Same as above except for a content marketing service that we are launching.

Perhaps I'll use next week's tasks to also update the previous week's tasks. That way, you'll be able to see just how effective outsourcing tasks can be.

Be more productive by doing less!