Outside of "Your Little World"

SEO Book and Consumer Search Insights has uncovered some pretty astounding facts about the basic consumer's knowledge of the digital marketing world.

Surprisingly, less than 50% of people recently surveyed even know what Pay-Per-Click is. Subsequently, the list of familiarity trickles down from there.

AdWords: 32.7%
SEO: 21.3%
Link Building: 15.9%
Ad Retargeting: 14.9%

As marketers, these numbers really put things into perspective.

How much of the "world" are we reaching with our marketing service offerings?

Are we only able to penetrate and engage with those that already have a foundation of knowledge in the space?

Wouldn't this mean that Internet Marketing in general is only going to expand as a desired service offering in the future?

When will the growth rates stabilize?

To prove this survey's accuracy, consider asking these questions to those that surround you. Chances are that these numbers are pretty accurate. Perhaps enlightening these individuals on the above will help you reach a new audience that has yet to take advantage of web marketing.