October's 30 Day Challenge: Build a Mobile App

It has been a few months since I've participated formally in my monthly 30 day challenges. July was the last one as a matter of fact. I've been traveling a lot lately and that's caused a break in my monthly challenges. Now that October seems to be a little calmer, I'm getting back into the swing of things.

For October, I will be diving back into Treehouse and learning the most efficient ways to build an iOS app. My goal is to launch a mobile app in 31 days.

The premise of the app?

It will be called "Pun Off."

It will be a pun-based humor challenge between friends. Whether one-on-one or in a group, you'll be able to challenge your friends to see who is the best punmaster around.

Every day, you'll receive a push notification with a word or a concept. Using that concept, you'll submit your best pun. The entries will then be distributed to the community and judged accordingly. Winners will earn points and move up the rankings over time.

Matches can also be set at the players convenience. You can play daily, weekly, monthly, or on demand. Whenever you want to pun, you'll have the ability to do so with your phone.

After the app launches, I will be using the best submissions for a public pun blog that will then segue into a larger project I am working on in the comedy/pun space.

Here's to another successful month of an awesome challenge! Wish me luck!