Not So New York

Don't misinterpret the title of this post. I'm not saying I am "bored" with NYC or that my latest visit wasn't an amazing time and experience. Instead, I'm going to talk about how I could never see myself living in the city. Mainly due to the pace and lack of upkeep.

Whenever New York City calls my name, I listen. Anytime I get a chance to go up there, I take advantage of it. After all, the food is amazing, the area is cultured, and the people are flat out entertaining. Who cares about the subtle nuances you can overlook when you're visiting for a brief time with the strict intentions to either get stuff done, see some sites and/or just have a good time?

This most recent visit was heightened by a few exclusive brushes with celebrities and VIP treatment. Below, you will see links to a few pictures I tweeted about while I was there. One was from onstage at the David Letterman show and one was right before breathing in Jay-Z's cologne and fumes from his Jeep Wrangler.

I was also blessed to be chaperoned by one of my favorite people in the universe, the auteur of the I Like What I Like blog, Jessica Dao.

While I will anticipate the next time I am able to visit NYC, I will enjoy my slower-paced Florida life where I can drive around in the comfort of my own car, not rub up against a dirty stranger on the streets every minute, and never wonder if the person standing next to me is an unpredictable psychopath.