My Generation

A few weeks ago, ABC debuted the new show My Generation. After watching the pilot episode, the premise had me thinking a lot about my own life. I guess that's the sign of what could become a great show - it was very thought provoking.

The show is based around a handful of young adults whose lives are being documented 10 years after their high school graduation together. The story spawns unexpected marriages, the loss of dreams, and surprising successes.

With my potential 10 year high school reunion coming up fast, it had me think of the people I used to know, where they are now and how everyone turned out in general.

Did the biggest jock get injured and lose his chance for the big leagues?

Did the Homecoming King and Queen break up in college?

Did everyone go after the profession that they always talked about growing up?

In retrospect, having childhood dreams is a very fascinating concept. I wanted to either be a baseball player or a musician growing up. My personal track had music take over any future in baseball after high school and my interest in business while in college trumped any chance at taking a dive into the plummeting music industry.

But if you were to ask anybody that hasn't seen me since high school where they think I am today, I'm sure most of them expect me to still be performing music. I still get asked if I'm still in a band when I run into old friends.

To think that I ended up a serial entrepreneur with a strong desire for success in business boggles my mind. It's proof of the butterfly effect. Every little thing you do changes your life's course.

What did you want to be growing up?

Why weren't you able to reach that goal if you didn't?

If you did, did you ever have any doubts along the way?

What one decision that you made changed your life the most?