In my endless attempt to expand, I have decided to add a new blog that features some of my favorite music picks at the moment.

It can be found at:

To create the feed that is being titled "Logan Lenz's Music Picks," I employed 3 web tools.

  1. Tumblr
  2. Streampad
  3. Soundcloud

I am uploading all of the audio files and hosting the code at Tumblr.

I am using Streampad's API to automatically play the uploading songs and for the awesome toolbar located at the bottom of the page.

Finally, I am utilizing Soundcloud to accept song submissions. If you're in a band and want your music heard or just would like to suggest something for me to listen to, there is a badge on the site that will allow you to upload any song to me. As soon as it uploads, it is emailed directly to me.

I figured this was a great way to get more of my love for music into This could be a cool way for me to help promote upcoming artists and to discover new music if you guys are so inclined to share your picks with me.