Monthly Challenges in 2015

It's another year, which means it's a new opportunity to start fresh and set goals - both personally and in business. Just like last year, I will be embarking on a new 30 day challenge each month. Also like last year, some of the items on the list will be repeated from 2014. That's because many of the items are habitual through an outcome of higher learning. Learning something new is a compound principle when it comes to acuiring a deep skill. That's why items that are repeated will be "improve piano playing" or "write code every day."

The following is my current list of challenge ideas by month. Expect a blog post on each one at the beginning/end of each month:

  • January - Code Every Day Within Treehouse App.
  • February - Trade Stocks Every Day.
  • March - Play Guitar Every Day.
  • April - Play Piano Every Day.
  • May - Practice My Spanish Every Day Within Duolingo.
  • June - Read Wine Bible Book.
  • July - Practice DJ-ing Every Day.
  • August - Shoot a Video Every Day.
  • September - Read Whiskey Book. Learn About Mixology.
  • October - Write a New Pun Every Day.
  • November - Read Every Night.
  • December - Donate To Charity Every Day.