MLB Playoffs

I know this is primarily supposed to be a business blog, but because I am such a huge baseball fan, I figured I would share my thoughts and predictions on the current MLB playoffs here.

As most of you probably know, I grew up an immense Atlanta Braves fan, so I am ecstatic to see them take part in the postseason again. Although the odds are against them, I have faith and extreme hopes to see them get to the World Series this year.

I know this may be a day late, but I entered a pool where you predict the outcomes of each series throughout the entire playoffs. I have copied it below.

Division Series Matchups:

NYY/MIN - NYY in 5
TEX/TB - TB in 4
CIN/PHI - PHI in 3
ATL/SF - ATL in 4

Championship Series Matchups:

NYY/TB - TB in 7
ATL/PHI - ATL in 6

World Series Matchup:

ATL/TB - ATL in 6

I couldn't NOT choose the Braves. It would be wrong to root against the team that I have adored since I was an infant.

Let's go Braves!