Misunderstanding Network Marketing

Network marketing has a terrible reputation. Most people attribute MLM, which stands for multi-level marketing, with words like “ponzi” and “pyramid” scheme. What people don’t realize is that thousands of Americans make a full-time career with network marketing, and they can do it on their own time in the comfort of their own homes. Statistics show that most people that have gotten involved with a network marketing company did not succeed the first time around, and therefore, become bitter toward the industry. Like everything else in life, hard work and dedication is needed in order to be successful. Chances are, these people jumped into an opportunity without the prior research and experience needed to excel.

The best way to analyze MLMs is by looking at their flexibility. My friend and business partner, Greg Rollett, runs a blog on the topic of Lifestyle Design. Most of the topics are focused around being your own boss and living the life you want to live. In order to completely partake in lifestyle design, one must either participate in affiliate or network marketing (among other occupations, of course) – which arguably are one in the same. Within each of these models, the marketer simply collects leads and sells someone else’s products or services for commissions.

Although I don’t have much time to involve myself in the world of network marketing, I am able to sit back to understand and appreciate the value of the industry. For all of you that are currently bitter, I encourage you to change your attitude and give it one more shot. This time, however, go into it with the mindset that you are starting your own business. With that much at stake, you are destined for indefinite success.

Here are some of my favorite MLMs around today:

Poker Training Network


Prepaid Legal

Finally, I have to mention my favorite affiliate network: