March's 30 Day Challenge: Play Piano Daily

Through February, I leveraged a great new language iOS app called "Drops." The app challenges you every single day to open it and learn new words for only 5 minutes each session. It was fun to create the necessary habit of getting into bed at night and opening the app for my learning session. I've learned more new Spanish words in February than I have in my many years going through school.

All in all, I'd consider my February challenge a great success.

Moving on to March, I've decided to challenge my piano playing skills. This month, I'm going to pick a new song every day, study the music sheets, and learn to play them accordingly.

It sounds simple enough, but I can guarantee that the daily investment will be much more than 5 minutes per day.

I will mainly be using the iOS app "Tabs" to help me along, but when I choose a song that may not be featured inside the app, I will leverage Google and YouTube videos as needed.

Here's to another successful month of an awesome challenge! Wish me luck!