Like a Game of Telephone...

No matter how loyal employees might be, they will never see the vision of the company the same way the founder(s) or creator(s) do(es). It's because of this that small business owners need to make sure they are hiring the right people that try extremely hard to find something as close to that vision as possible. In order to achieve this, those business owners need to be around them to exude the passion and intensity they want from those employees.

This is much more of an obstacle for larger companies. With so many tiers of management, the most important visionaries are separated from the individuals completing most of the everyday tasks. Of course, they hire managers and division leaders to filter messages and run the operations, but some of the most important aspects of the work gets lost in translation along the way.

This process can cause a rift between expectation and production, and the only person the managers can blame is the new employee that supposedly "didn't get it."

How is that fair?