....Like A Chess Match

Men might be kings, but we’re not all so lazy. A Queen is a King’s most important asset. They can do everything they need to to protect us.

Bishops make up for our mistakes. They surprise us by taking care of us from afar.

Knights are the most creative. They weave in and out of different paths, seeing the world from a unique perspective along the way.

A rook is our safety blanket. Our locked doors. Without them, there would be no barriers of entry.

Finally, there are pawns. They might seem like a handful of less valuable entities comparatively, but collectively, they construct a metaphorical wall of sacrifice. They’re the underappreciated laborers that put their lives on the line at all times for everyone else’s well-being. They’re the soldiers that fight a war to keep our country safe. They’re the factory workers that help to stabilize our economy. They’re the cogs that make the systems go.

That said, the ecosystem is paralyzed without an initial movement from some sort of leader. In most cases, the pawns are forced to become a leader. However, only one other figure could do so - and that’s the Knight. Ironically, that’s the creative one.

So what’s your first move? Do you throw your army right into the battle or do you let your creative leaders set a precedence for everyone else?

Me? I tend to be a little more creative, but that’s also because I understand the importance of a pawn. The King thanks you for your service.