Life Insurance Comparison

Life insurance is essential. As I grow older everyday (ouch), there are more and more aspects of life that I am forced to understand and provide a solution for. After college, it was making money. Shortly after that, it was taking care of student loans, getting car insurance, and even health and life insurance. On top of that, growing up meant finding the love of your life, settling down with them, and eventually finding your first home to purchase on your own.

It's scary, isn't it?

Arguably, amongst the aforementioned list of things, life insurance is one of the most important ingredients.

I was asked to review three different life insurance providers for my International readers. One is Zurich Life Insurance, the second is ING, and the final provider is AMP.

Continue reading to hear my thoughts on each as I compare and contrast between your choices.

Zurich: As one of the leading providers in the UK and other parts of Europe, zurich life insurance has been around since 1872. They have an incredible worldwide network and some of the best customer service you could ask for in a provider.

ING: As one of the largest insurance companies in Australia, ing life insurance currently have over $40 billion assets under management. It's safe to say that are trusted by many.

AMP: They recently split into two different geographical companies, but that hasn't hindered the way amp life insurance conducts business. They are the oldest amongst the three having been founded in 1849.

If you plan on starting a family in the near future, please do yourself a favor and take a deeper look at all of your life insurance options. I know that this review is catered more toward locations outside of the United States, but everyone should understand that life insurance is available everywhere and should be taken advantage of. Don't think about the money that you'd prefer not to spend on insurance. Instead, think about the protection it is giving you and your family. It ends up being priceless.