Law Firms and PR are a Logical Combination

Law firms and PR are a logical and necessary combination. The very essence of practicing law must include promoting and protecting your image and concept. Lawyers, barristers, and in fact everyone in the legal fraternity can benefit from the services of a PR firm. Anyone who knows about lawyers and law firms know that they are some of the busiest individuals. Their offices are always abuzz with activity. Court appearances, briefs to research, paperwork to file in court, and consultations with clients are just a few of their activities.

It would be impossible with an ever increasing and expanding workload, to be able to handle PR as well. Barristers and lawyers should stick to what they know best and that is the law. This does not mean that their need for PR does not exist or that it is not necessary. I submit that it might be of the utmost importance.

It is outranked only by the need for lawyers to be licensed to practice law. After being able to practice law the next logical step is getting clients and you get those by referrals. Referrals are based on your reputation and your public image.

The clients you have served and are satisfied with the job performed will tell others. Inevitably the clients who are the most pleased are the ones who at the end of your representation, come out smelling like roses. They are pleased that their image and personal resources are intact.

The lawyer is responsible for submitting the legal facts of a case and the image of the client that is being projected. It is reasonable to understand that this is not a job for the lawyers but a firm such as Black Letter PR. They can concentrate on image leaving the law firm to concentrate on the law.

The other way of increasing clientele is directly related to your image and reputation in the public eye. That is based upon what people see of you, think of you, and know about you. Your reputation will always precede you.

Clients will want your firm to represent them based solely upon their perception of you and not necessarily based on any facts. Investing in law firm PR is just good business sense. It is such a logical and necessary combination.

Black letter PR consultants are always available so it is impossible to imagine why any law firm or barristers’ chambers would be without law firm PR.

Danny Lomax writes for Black letter PR