Just Say No

When I opened my first business, I was anxious to make money and make it my full-time living. Admittedly, I was willing to forfeit the company’s mission and core values to obtain more opportunities and make a quick buck. Now that it has been a few years and we have been able to evolve throughout all that we have experienced as a company, I am proud to say that we don’t do anymore straying these days. We have our niches and focuses and we strive to stick to them in order to fulfill our own internal goals.

In retrospect, I wish I wasn’t so passive aggressive about building our business. A weakness was revealed upon our ongoing acceptance of clients. If we would have stuck to what we were good at, what we believed in, and what we wanted to do in the future, we most likely would have achieved more in less time.

Sometimes saying “No” to business can be the best decision you’ll ever make.