Items I Gave To My House For Christmas

I realize that I am several weeks too late to be posting a post-Christmas article, but I've been busy lately. I still wanted to publish this post before the end of January so it's not too far beyond the window of acceptance.Windows 7 Home Basic Key

To make the formatting of this post clear and simple, I'm just going to list out some of the presents that I gave to my house for Christmas. That's right. I give my home presents as if it were a person. Essentially, I am giving these presents to myself since I am a huge advocate of home automation and my family and I are the ones benefiting from these improvements. Blue Prom Dresses

In no particular order:

1) Goji Smart Lock

Lockitron was the first startup to market in the door locking space, but the team has failed to meet their development deadlines. That's a sign of either lack of leadership or a fundamental imbalance between idea and execution. That's why I went with the Goji Smart Lock. The fact that it has the added benefit of a real-time camera makes it the best option on the market right now.

2) Space Monkey

Almost everybody is using cloud for storing files these days. Whether through Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, there are great solutions out there. But when I heard about Space Monkey last year, I knew I needed to give it a try. It's essentially a cloud storage account, but with the added benefit of a tangible device that locks in your data on an entire network. For all you non-techies, that means that you can plug your Space Monkey device directly into your home router and store ANYTHING in real-time across a new private drive that duplicates itself for the cloud. This makes for a much more organized and accessible cloud system, not to mention how much faster it is to copy files over and retrieve them from anywhere in the world.

3) Almond+

The most important part of a smart home is arguably the router that connects all of its items to the web. Well, Almond+ is a smart router on steroids. I won't get into all of the possibilities that is possesses. Just know that it's open-sourced and apps can be built for ultimate home automation.

4) Beddit

Wouldn't you like to know how well you sleep every night? In addition to my FitBit device, we have also invested into a Beddit. A Beddit is a smart strip that you put underneath your mattress pad across your bed. It works its magic by tracking your movement throughout the night. If you've become a health nut like me, this is vital information to know to aid in the neverending battle against a good night's sleep.

5) Skybell Doorbell

It just so happens that our doorbell broke recently. After purchasing the Goji Smart Lock, I figured it didn't make sense to buy an "old school" doorbell. That wouldn't match the sophisticated door lock a few feet away. So I did some research and took the risk on something called the Skybell Doorbell. Like the Goji, it has a camera in it. It also sends your phone a notification whenever there is movement outside your front door. Hopefully that feature isn't too sensitive, but if it works right, I'm sure you can recognize the security benefits of the product as well.

Smart Items I Gave To Myself:

6) FitBit

I'm obsessed with my Flex. Since I've started to use it, I've made my daily goals an internal competition. In other words, the device itself is forcing me to workout everyday.

7) Agent Smartwatch

I missed out on investing in the Pebble, so I wanted to invest in the next coolest option. After all, sometimes the product that is second to market improves upon the first's shortcomings. I have yet to receive my smartwatch, but I am looking forward to its completion.

8) Coin Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

This was a big deal when it was announced a few months ago. If you don't know what it is, click on the link. I'm excited to see if it works as well as its supposed 8 product key sale