I'll Come To You...

Too many people still possess that highly feared bullish sales tactic of aggressiveness. While I understand that persistence is everything in the sales game, I don't understand how being over-the-top and inconvenient to others could possibly convert sales.

Whenever I receive a random sales call, I am kind enough to at least allow them to give me the pitch. After all, it's good practice for them and I want to make sure they are getting better at their jobs. After a few minutes, however, even if they weren't finished, I stop them and tell them that I want to see the product/service in action. I usually request more information via email and move along.

The next part of the process is my biggest peeve of all. Before I can even open the email, I get a followup call from the same salesperson a few days later. At this point, I am forced to tell them that I will respond to their email when I get around to it.

Here's where common sense comes in: If I was so hysterically interested to spend $500 on XYZ product that you are selling me, don't you think I would have been excited enough to call or email you back already? Are you really going to be able to pitch me twice?

Needless to say, I hadn't even inspected the product yet, but that's exactly my point. If you bother me enough, I'm not going to order the product from you... even if I love it. That's just not the character type that I want to be dealing with all the time. I need my space.