I Will Be Speaking at SCORE Orlando

I took this information from the latest SCORE Orlando Newsletter. I will be speaking next Wednesday at 9:30am at SCORE's Orlando Office. Visit http://www.scoreorlando.org for directions and more information.

February 17th Speaker

Concerned about the massive world of technology and myriad of options that our clients might have available for promoting their business?

One of our Meeting Presenters, Logan Lenz, will address …

  1. What are the networking websites and how can a business enroll?
  2. How are the sites used?
  3. What effect does using these sites have on the transparency of the business?
  4. How can networking help market a business?
  5. What are some actual examples of businesses that have used networking successfully (case studies)?

Logan Lenz is the Founder and President of Endagon Enterprises, an internet and music company that owns and operates many web 2.0 businesses and services. Endagon Innovations, in particular, is a new media marketing company that helps businesses build relationships with customers online, including social networking. Mr. Lenz also owns several additional web businesses, as well as has worked with and helped local non-profit organizations.