How Your Business Could Save Money on its Energy Use

The amount of energy used by your business is one of your key cashflow concerns. Energy prices keep rising while carbon reduction targets insist that you bring your power use down, or face penalisation by a Government hell-bent on achieving the impossible. So how do you squeeze more energy out of less cash? Read on to find out.Short Prom Dresses Online

Keep your eyes on what you use

One of the key elements in successful energy management is knowing what you are using, where you are using it, and how important it is to continue doing so. Audit your energy use by defining the imperative spending from the merely habitual. Any energy expenditure that its necessary for your vital business processes has to stay. Define other energy use (for example, heat and light in your office buildings) as changeable, and target it for greater future efficiency.

The UK government actually allows businesses to exempt certain elements of their energy use from carbon targets – any company that must use energy in order to produce the product or service it provides, does not have to count all of that energy into its calculations. Find out exactly what you are allowed and not allowed to do.

Look into energy efficient refits

If your business premises uses old energy technology, you may be throwing money away every time you turn on the boiler. It can be wise to look at more modern and energy efficient ways of performing the same necessary tasks – for example by swapping out a radiator heating system for one that uses heated skirting board or heating mats.

Heating mats are particularly impressive – they’re plastic mats filled with coils of tubing, which carry the hot water from the boiler. The mates can be fitted into plaster as well as on floor surfaces, meaning you can heat a room using its walls as well as its flooring. The mats need a low heat to work because they cover such a large surface area – allowing you to keep your heating running for longer for less.

Offset necessary energy use with other methods

Where your energy use is vital, you can bring down the overall cost to the environment by offsetting. A roof planting is a superb way to change the impact your company has on the environment, and may have beneficial effects for your employees too. Commission a full roof garden to create an amazing breakout space for city workers. You’ll reap the benefits of the extra insulation – the soil on the roof deflects rising heat back down into the guts of your building – and you can deflect some of your energy expenditure into oxygen creation thanks to the plants that now cover your roof.

A well designed roof planting also offers excellent drainage assistance - the root systems of the plants in the design take a large proportion of the water that falls as rain.

Stop buying halogen light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are prone to overheating, which makes them much less cost effective than they at first appear. Swap your halogen for LED, which delivers light for up to 50,000 reliable hours. The maths are simple enough: when your light bulb is not turning energy into heat, it reserves all of its power for turning it into light. You can view best prices for LED light bulbs by following the link.

The Author is a qualified electrician, who has designed dozens of energy efficient business installations. He now works as a consultant for large companies looking to reduce their energy consumption. His technology and business blog attracts a large following as a result – on any given day, it may be viewed by as many as one million people.eliteprom dresses