How To Choose A Supplier That Is Sure To Offer High Quality Products

Nowadays, finding quality products is not exactly easy. It is a well known fact that the majority of wholesalers and distributors are selling low quality products that have been manufactured in countries such as China. As the economic recession took its grip, more and more companies became focused on price, rather than quality. All distributors and wholesalers did was to offer customers exactly what they want; cheap products.

If you have purchased low quality cheap products in the past that have not lasted, or simply not done the job they were intended for, it is important not to make that mistake again.

Use A Brand

The first thing to look at is how reputable a brand is. Is this a brand that is selling essentially, unbranded products? Maybe they have shipped in 1,000 or 2,000 units in the hope of making a huge profit.

If the products are not up to standard, then they will simply not order them again. For the company selling the items, no harm has been done. They do not have their branding on the products so they won’t be associated with that product in the future. You want to purchase products where the supplier is proud to put their name on it.

Ignore Price

Price should not be an important factor. Sure, once you have a short list of suppliers, you will need to compare them based on price. Only focus on price when you have explored all the other factors that help you to choose a supplier.

If you work like this, you are going to end up with a much better product. In fact, even though branded and quality products are much more expensive, it is likely that they offer much better value for money simply due to the fact that they are going to last much longer.

Company History

Is this a company that has just been launched, or has it been established for a long time? A company that has only been established for a year or two may or may not be offering high quality products and services.

If a company has been around since the 70s or 80s, you can be pretty sure that what they are offering their customers is above par. Over time, they will have had the chance to modify their product range to a point where they are near perfection. For a new company, this is something that might take 5-10 years. Alongside this, a company with trading history is likely to offer much more help and advice relating to your company’s needs.

Client List

Just because a company is aged, doesn’t always mean that they are offering exactly what you need. Consider looking at their client list to see the types of clients that they have managed to attract in the past. Generally, the higher profile the clients in the list are, the more likely it is that this is a company offering a premium product or service. Of course, high profile clients usually mean a high price at the same time. Whether you are looking for office equipment or industrial linepipe, you need to research the company you are purchasing from first.

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