How Safe Is Your Events Venue?

Safety of one’s life is the most important concern of every business event. It’s essential to ensure the safety of everyone that will attend the event by checking out the venue before the function kick off, to be able to verify both the safety of your team and your guests. Any events company should be aware of all the safety guidelines to ensure zero casualties in any event. Below are some of the things to consider:

Exit Routes

Exit routes with enough space to avoid obstacles are very paramount in venues. In case the power goes out or anything that can lead to panic and mass hysteria the crowd will have clear paths to move out. It is very important to assess all the entrance and exits. Disorderly behaviors, fire and chaos can take over the crowd. Ensure your team is familiar with exit and entrance to allow everyone to get out easily and the emergency team to get in.

Crowd Management

It is crucial for your team to be well trained as untrained personnel may prove to be as dangerous as panicked public. Most individual are easily distraught, upset and angry in emergency situation so, your team need to know how to calm down the crowd, voice their presence in a noisy circumstance and take a leadership role in leading to the nearest exit in an organized way.

First Aid  

It is logical to have emergency service within the site in big events. In small event you are advised to have a first Aid kit and several people trained. For, better service all your staff must have all relevant safety and health related papers before being hired.


Well lit exit, pathways and entrance routes and sufficient emergency lighting reduces the causality that can occur in case the power goes off. Your event team members are to be equipped with a mini touch. This will help them stand out from the crowd.

Taping Down of Wires and Cable 

Untapped wires not only look messy trailing around the floor but are also dangerous people can easily trip over. Make sure that all the wires that go across the room are under the carpet or neatly taped with hard wearing gaffer tape. The platform and stage are to be kept tidy as possible. It is wiser to employ a sound technician to ensure that all the wiring is done correctly and all the cables are neatly tucked away.


In big events it is wiser to have a parking attendants added in your budget. The parking attendant will assist in parking cars in an orderly manner to create a hassle environment, avoid blocking of cars, collusion and maintain the safety of pedestrian.

Disabled Access

The disable are often forgotten in most events it is good courtesy to ensure that the disabled access have been catered for. Also include bathroom facilities, emergency call alarms and wheelchair ramps. In case of emergency also have exit routes mean that cater for the disable.

Kenneth Fabian, Founder & Owner of OGL Asia - a brand activation company specialising in Events, Exhibition and Design Communications since 1989. With 27 years of experience, Kenneth was able to gather the right contacts, strategies and resources to ensure an effective brand engagement.