How Long Is Your Race?

There are a lot of companies out there that are running the race. Look around - tons of brands are present everywhere we go. We now create conversations with them, get spammed by them, and have the ability to reach out to them whenever we want.

The problem is that a lot of these companies are just running because they saw that the track was populated. With no other option, those brands had to get their number and start doing laps with everybody else. But without a a plan in place, aren't they running for no purpose?

Companies need to start realizing what race they are running. Too many have jumped into the race with a full-on sprint - looking for massive sales and conversions right away. This, ultimately causes exhaustion and the unwillingness to run the race they should have registered for in the first place.

The brands that are winning the race are the ones that are aware that they are participating in a marathon. Their pace is relaxed, reserved, and strategic. They are aware of the other runners around them. And most of all, they are enjoying the journey and not letting the little hurdles get in the way of the finish line.

Jump into the marathon and don't look back. The race has only just begun.