How Do You Manage?

There are a lot of project management software options out there these days. It's tough to choose just one without trying all of them out first, but most people tend to stop at Basecamp since it is the most popular and widely used on the market.

It's important to recognize that project management is much more important than any type of software can allow. While these tools help alleviate the stresses of management immensely, management is more of a mentality and certain skill set that one possesses inherently.

AceProject is one of those apps that recognizes the importance of the human aspects of management. The release of their new mobile version allows managers to utilize the application from any smartphone or mobile device, or leverage it normally from any desktop browser.

If you're an agency like Endagon or Jiggy Piggy, you can brand the AceProject's login and dashboard materials with your logos so that clients believe you're as professional as possible. Multiple projects allows you to also juggle all of those pesky clients in one location, which frees all project managers from the headaches that disorganization can cause.

Even if you think you don't need a project management system in place, I urge you to look beyond Basecamp and tap into your management potential.