Hosting Your Websites

hosting-websites-720x346 It's very difficult for me to be convinced enough to promote a direct competitor of mine. In this case, I'm about to showcase a discount that I found for a company called BlueHost. They offer full-service hosting for websites.

Coincidentally, for those that don't know, Endagon has a sister service called EndaHost. The service offers something we call "managed web hosting." This means that we take the web hosting concept a step further by making it completely hands-off for users. We not only do all of the hosting of the files, but we also set up and maintain the email servers, databases, and any other server setting you can imagine. As you might expect, this alleviates many pain points for small business leaders.

But today, I'm being nice. Prior to growing to the point where we could offer a service like EndaHost, I frequently used BlueHost, which is a great web hosting company. Now that I recently found a great bluehost coupon , I felt obligated to post about it and give back to the competition. After all, we're not all mean-spirited competitors; at least we don't think we are. We'd like to create more of a friendly competition.

So, as much as I'd love for you to sign up for an EndaHost account, I will not be mad if you decide to take advantage of this bluehost promo code to save some money. However, please understand the caveat that BlueHost is not offering the same service that we do. Their hosting service is not managed. This means that you will have to have some knowledge of server settings in order to set up all of the configurations and understand the capabilities of the dashboard when you login.

Endagon is always around to help. Feel free to let me know if you need assistance, no matter which path you take for web hosting.