Hiring as a Form of Advertising

(People talking) “Did you hear that Target is hiring?”… “I saw something at Barnes and Noble that said they were looking for help?”

In today’s economy, an unfortunate number of people are jobless and actively seeking any type of work (technical term = unemployed).

As an employer, what does this mean for you?

When you have the capability of hiring for any position whatsoever right now, you should make it a note to promote the open position as if it is an advertising campaign. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an Executive role or an unpaid internship. People will notice. Kind people will notice. And what do good, kind and caring people do? They tell all of their friends and loved ones that are looking for a job.

The result = Word of mouth. You’d be surprised how many people constantly talk about employment these days. The fact that you are currently hiring will hit the ears of virtually everybody in the local area – especially if you are operating a hip, cool and desirable company with an interesting culture.

People don’t need job security during these times. They just need a job. And if you realize that, you not only will allow yourself to receive applications from some of the most qualified individuals in town, but you may also find your business blossoming into a well-known local landmark.