Guest Post: The Changing Face of Freelancing

Recent trend analysis suggests that more and more freelancers are realising the benefits of employing non-traditional working arrangements in order to provide services which, until recently, might have been beyond their reach. Facilities such as cloud computing, virtual office services, and serviced offices can all help users to reduce their outgoings whilst still allowing them to present a professional front to their customers. Here are just some of the reasons why such options might also make sense for you:

Serviced Offices

For some freelancers, serviced offices can provide the perfect mixture of flexibility and security. Costs are often fully inclusive, so you can spend more time concentrating on your customers rather than having to deal with issues such as building maintenance or reception staffing arrangements. You can view available office space in Manchester and throughout the UK at sites such as i2Office.

Virtual Offices

A virtual office removes all the extraneous details of more conventional workplace wisdom and reduces it to its most basic component : you. Advances in mobile computing technology mean that the portability of laptop devices, along with the addition of internet access and cloud computing services allows freelance work to be carried out in a variety of locations.

Business critical operations such as email and shared document editing can all be carried out online, turning virtually any space into a modern office environment. For more information on how cloud computing is changing the face of modern business for freelancers and SMEs, take a look at this BBC article by one of the industry’s pioneers, John Engate.

Off-Site Meetings

Another potential option to consider is the off-site meeting which can take place in any number of suitable locations. Ensure you plan your agenda well in advance and concentrate on what you need to achieve in the time-frame you have available to you and such meetings can become a productive, worthwhile venture.