Guest Post: SEO Really Does Make a Difference

Today's guest post is from Aaron Eskaran, a man that has been in the trenches of search engine marketing for years. When I asked him to write something up regarding SEO and the proven ROI it brings, he was more than happy to do so.

The result is pasted below. I hope it helps everyone realize how important SEO really is.

Search Engine Optimization Really Does Make a Difference

If you are a business owner, you’ve probably made the decision to invest some time and money in order to showcase your services or wares on the internet. You may like what you’ve paid for, or learned to do yourself, but you still are not seeing the end result you’ve hoped for: more traffic to your site. By getting acquainted with the basics of search engine optimization you will be in a prime position to take full advantage of what the internet market can do for you.

Get people to your Site

Your website might win awards for design but if no one knows it’s out there, no one will find it. Let’s say you own a flower shop and want to break into the internet market. With the addition of search engine optimization, you will find that those searching on the internet for flower shops will be led to your website then ultimately make the choice to purchase off of the site.

Find yourself on the front page of an internet search

When someone does a search on the internet they are presented with choices that the search engine deems relevant and of the best quality for that search term. This is also known as page ranking and you want your web page to be ranked the highest possible. For instance, if someone is looking for a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, most likely there are many choices. With search engine optimization your page will be presented as one of the first options (or highest ranked), thus making it more likely that the person will choose your website to click on and ultimately use your services.

Good Content Leads to Good Ranking

The internet market is not that different from regular markets we purchase goods from. If your content does not meet a demand, then no one will be searching for it and therefore, no one will find you on the internet. The content on your site must meet a niche that someone needs. Another attribute of good content is linkable content. A page with content that other sites can link to will enable a search engine to rank it higher and get your website higher on the result page. It’s important that your web page contain content that is always viewable (doesn’t require a logged-in user to read it) and content that can be shared and reproduced.

Having an appealing website for your business may feel like you’ve done all you can to draw people in and build your bottom line, but if you are not taking full advantage of search engine optimization no one may ever find you on the web. In today’s market, you want and need to find yourself at the top of a search engine result page. The best way to make that happen is with search engine optimization.