Guest Post: Overhaul Your Internet Presence

Today's guest post is from Michael Cash. Michael has been helping to build and maintain reputations online. Suitably, he has decided to write about how to overhaul your entire internet presence in one fell swoop. I certainly hope you enjoy the post.

There is simply no better way to advertise your skills and expertise online than with a portfolio or resume. Unfortunately, too many assume that simply moving a paper version of their resume online is sufficient. These paper resumes and portfolios are not at all suited for display on the net. Building a strong and reliable portfolio for display online is key to rising above the rest of the crowd in the eyes of a potential employer, and here are a few tips on how to create an excellent portfolio.

If the skills which you wish to market have anything at all to do with web development, or web design, creating a web site is a relatively simple matter. Remember that the appearance of your own portfolio, in the form of a blog or web page, must showcase your talents properly if potential employers are to be impressed. If you are not adept with building web pages, and simply wish to make the best portfolio possible, there are plenty of simple guides how one can set up their own web site. There are also portfolio templates available on the internet which can give you a basic layout and can be modified to suit your needs.

When setting up your online portfolio, be sure not to beat around the bush, let the viewers of your portfolio know that you are looking for employment. It can be as simple as placing a button on your web page or blog that plainly says, “Hire me!”. The most important aspect of the portfolio is presenting the information that will get you hired, so be sure to be concise. Remember that those who are reading your portfolio are likely very busy, and do not want to be stuck reading a large paragraph description of yourself. Using bullet points is an excellent method of breaking up chunks of information about yourself into easily readable sections. The second most important aspect of any online portfolio is the ease of navigation. Keep the appearance of the page simple and very easy to navigate. There is no need for complex flash animations or bright distracting backgrounds.

A picture of yourself is a personal touch that will catch an employer's attention. Employers will feel as if they know you better after seeing a picture of you. Be sure to have your name, and contact information in plain view on the initial page of your portfolio. The most pertinent information employers are looking for includes your academic history, skills, any awards you have received, as well as a detailed yet concise report of your work experience. All of this information should be easily accessible and not hidden away on some other page other than the first. Market your portfolio directly towards whichever market you are seeking employment in.

One aspect of running an online portfolio that is often overlooked is security. Keeping your online portfolio safe from being tampered with by third parties is something that everyone on the web must consider. SSH hosting is an encrypted form of web hosting which is a fundamental protection against online theft, and works by providing the user with a secure channel from his or her computer to the web host server which the user's web page is on. Most web hosts offer SSH hosting within the web site's admin control panel.

Everyone at would like to thank Michael Cash for this thought-provoking post.