Guest Post: Indoor Team Building Exercises

I have been working on a trend of posting guest posts on Mondays for the past several weeks. I figured I would make this week no exception.

Today we have a guest post from Bella Winterfold. The post was originally titled "Cookery Challenges To Tower of Cards: Indoor Team Building Exercises" but I felt the need to condense it down a little for spacing reasons in the title. It's a great post on the things that you can do to increase synergy between your employees in the office.

Bella Winterfold is a freelance writer with extensive knowledge across a range of topics, including business gas suppliers.

If you're a business owner and you've noticed that your workforce needs to be rallied in order to get the top performance from them, now is the time you should consider team building exercises. Team building exercises are a great way to have fun, and more importantly, they involve real workplace issues. Team building exercises help to bring the best out in your staff, helping them to build on existing skills as well as develop new skills in the process, in addition to enhancing team performance.

Dinner Delights

A team building exercise that involves learning new cooking skills, Dinner Delights is an authentic team building experience that provides fun to be had by all. Your group of staff is split into even teams, and a professional chef is on hand to give an introduction to the necessary kitchen skills, provide advice and support throughout the exercise. Teams are required to provide different courses and have to serve their culinary creations to the other teams, who will in turn judge them.

The Sound of Music

Each member of your staff is provided with a drum and is taught how to play, and how to listen to each other, by a professional musician. Starting with a percussion introduction, the event involves individuals playing the drums and combining their sounds to produce music as a team in just 15 minutes.

Cheerful Cocktails

This team building exercise involves cocktail making. Each member of the team is given a “mystery” box in which they have to choose two ingredients from it. Boxes are filled with a variety of ingredients that range from delicious in flavour to difficult to handle! Using only one of the ingredients they have chosen from their box, each person is invited to create their own special cocktail using their newly acquired knowledge of cocktail making.

Remember the Costs

If you are planning to host a teambuilding exercise at the office, keep in mind the costs of the event. If you are using a kitchen for a cooking challenge, you might be paying extra for the business gas or electricity usage. Luckily you can find great deals online if you need to change providers to find a more pocket-friendly arrangement. You can also do your teambuilding out of house, but you may have to pay more to use alternative premises such as professional kitchens or a bar.

Once again, Bella Winterfold is a freelance writer with extensive knowledge across a range of topics, including business gas suppliers.