Guest Post: Green Employee Benefits

Today's startup tip comes from a man named Vincent from a company called Motivo Performance. In the post, Vincent talks about how you can leverage incentives and benefits when trying to create a more "green" and eco-friendly workplace at your office. The result is an interesting suggestion and approach - one that any startup manager should pay attention to.

You might be surprised at how a few well-placed benefits can perk up employee interest in going green. Where as you might have had a somewhat lethargic staff when it came to eco-friendly awareness, when there are benefits to be had for taking part in green activities, there might be a sudden rebirth of attention. Here are a few benefits that might catch employees’ eyes when it comes to motivating them to do right by the environment.

Ditch the Cubicle
Looking for brighter, greener spaces for employees to work may increase productivity but might also serve as an incentive to go green. Getting team members out from behind cubicles and bunker-like work environments into spaces with more plants, nice outside views, and that are lighter and brighter make may them happier. And bear in mind that the office with a view can often be a great employee benefit, and such benefits can help push employees to go green.

Transportation Alternatives
You might urge employees to go green by way of transportation alternatives and benefits. Beyond supporting car pooling among employees, which could help the environment as well as promote a little bonding and team building among employees along the way, you might also consider assisting with payment for public transportation passes or offering incentives for such use.

There may be are variety of other incentives and benefits that could contribute to the urging of employees to go green. Everything from matching employee donations to environmentally-friendly causes, to conducting green contests, giving time off for eco-friendly work, and offering giveaways and prizes to promote green products can help push employees toward a green lifestyle both in their personal lives and at work.

Businesses are different in their team member make up, so what motivates your employees to contribute and go green may depend on a variety of factors. And if you aren’t exactly sure what motivates your particular employees to go green, a great way to find out may be simply to ask them.

Vincent has spent the last 10 years implementing employee recognition programs for Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. He currently lives in Houston and writes regularly about motivating employees on his Motivation Stream blog.