Guest Post: Dress to Impress for a Job Interview

In today's job market, job interviews come often. With so many prospects vying for the available positions, it's becoming harder and harder to stand out to the employer. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is to dress properly and wow your potential future employer with your powerfully pleasing looks.

Today's guest blog post is from DownEast Home & Clothing. They talk about how to dress to impress at your next job interview.

Job interviews can be incredibly stressful as they can mean the difference between getting hired and not getting hired. Obviously, you will want to give yourself every possible advantage for landing the job. The way you dress can affect you more than you know. After all, an employer can only go off of one sheet of paper with your resume on it and 30 minutes of an in-person interview in order to make the decision. That’s why it’s essential to make an excellent first impression as that’s something you can never do over again.

The first rule of thumb is to dress in modest clothing. Low cut tops and tight-fitted clothing is inappropriate for any work situation. After all, if one cannot dress in a professional manner, it is incredibly hard to believe one can act in a professional manner. Keep the clothing modest and let your work experience and charisma get the job for you.

A great guideline to think about regarding the level of formal wear would be to dress one step above that which would be required for the job. For instance, if the job is manual labor in which a jump suit or old, battered clothing would be worn, it’s appropriate to show up in a polo t-shirt and jeans. If the job is in a casual, laid back office environment in which polo t-shirts are everyday wear, the interview clothing should be a button up shirt and tie or skirt and blouse and so forth. Always try to dress one level higher than what the job would regularly call for.

Above all, be sure that your clothing is low-key, neat and clean. No wild colors or lavish jewelry is necessary. Dark, conservative clothes are considered more professional looking than brightly colored, loud clothing. Avoid having wrinkles or stains, too. It’s also best to cover tattoos if you have them. Something else to consider would be the many accessories people tend to carry. IPods, cell phones and a soda are fine for the waiting room, but keep them out of the interview.

It’s always good to remember the following: time is money. If your potential employer is willing to take the time to interview you, this means that he or she is seriously considering you already. According to your resume and references, you have all the tools available at your disposal in order to do the job well. The entire purpose of the interview is to get a feel for your personality and your sense of professionalism. So dress modestly, act professionally and have confidence that you have all the qualifications necessary in order to land the job.