Guest Post: Do Not Overlook Google Analytics

Aaron Eskaran has graced this blog with yet another informative post. This one is about the importance of utilizing Google Analytics for your website.

With so many methods and techniques available to amp up your online business or website, it is hard to know what tools are worth spending your time with. You should know however, that the one not to be missed is Google Analytics. Other tools may appear to offer similar results, but none match the quality and quantity of the package in Google Analytics.

Advertising ROI

The tools available with Google Analytics help you easily measure your return on investment.

It is simple and straightforward to measure your site goals against the levels that you define. By integrating other Google services, like AdWords and AdSense, you will also be able to track which site content generates the most revenue through post-click data. In addition, you will have the ability to track email campaigns, banner and offline ads. If you have items for sale on your site, the reports available will allow you to identify your best revenue sources.

Visualizing Data

It’s easy to analyze data with the multi-dimensional reports offered in motion charts. You can select the subjects for each axis and view how they interact over a certain period of time. With the google maps optimization resources, Analytics also identifies your most lucrative geographic markets. It is easier to see data that is missed in more traditional reports because of the ability to manage the metrics that are compared.

Customized Reports

All of the information accessible through Analytics is presented in an easy-to-read, yet thorough manner, through user-friendly, visual reports. Google Analytics won't affect the performance or the appearance of your website and there are no extra files to host on your website. With information from Google Analytics, you will be able to drive traffic more efficiently to your site, and convert that traffic more effectively. With the ease to schedule or send personalized report emails that contain exactly the information you want to share, everyone on your team will stay current on progress.

Google Analytics has made it easy for non-specialists and specialists alike to practice performance focused marketing. There are even more attributes like multimedia tracking and internal site search that make Google Analytics unique and usable by all. It is certainly a marketing tool not to be overlooked.