Guest Post: Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?

After returning from Search Marketing Expo in San Jose this weekend, I wanted to take the time to publish a post that pertains to networking. Luckily, I had an anonymous guest blogger that was interested in talking about the relevance of business cards today.

While I still feel like there is a need for business cards at such events, this guest blogger debates the importance in the post below.

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It used to be common practise for businesses to hand out cards displaying contact details and information to clients and potential customers. With the recent growth in technology and the increase in communication channels, those who want to appeal to prospective consumers have to come up with new ideas. Smartphones, email and advertising are now being used to achieve much of the same outcome, reaching a large amount of people.

Creating a good first impression is one of the most crucial things to nail when meeting people. When attending seminars, exhibitions and trade shows, it can be extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd as competition is very high. Ensuring that you get noticed, and for all the right reasons, is essential for company growth and success. Offering business cards, engaging in interesting conversation, and giving valuable insight means that you automatically put yourself in the customer’s sights.

It is worth noting that contacts stored on a mobile phone all appear to look the same. However, a well-designed business card can help to create a unique and memorable addition to their address book.

The most important part of any business card is the contact details. Ensure that you have included a current and relevant address, telephone number and email address that is easy to read. By handing out a card you are expecting them to get back to you at some point, so supplying an email address that is regularly checked is essential.

By leaving a space on the business card, either on the front or back, any additional notes or personal messages can be jotted down. Including extra details adds a human touch and an aura of personality to your card. Also, providing a mobile phone number along with your professional contact details will make the recipient feel valued.

Although in recent times we have seen a shift from written to online communication, business cards still have their place within the modern world. Many cards now include a QR code, allowing for integration with the online environment. This code will help smartphone users upload details and browse a company’s website with ease.

Business cards should still be considered by businesses who wish to expand their client base and raise their profile. It is important to get the design, style and message right as a business card should be treated as a mini advertisement for a company or individual. It is important to remember that sometimes the old fashioned approach is the most effective one.