Guest Post: 3 Improvements to Make Your Business Look Better

We have a guest post from David Smith on behalf of Zerorez in Minnesota. In this post, he talks about ways that you can make your brick-and-mortar business look better physically. For those of you without office spaces and the need for public aesthetics in your company, this may not apply. Regardless, it's definitely a good review for anyone with a storefront or heavily trafficked office space.

At some point in the life of your business, you've got to make changes, improvements, and upgrades. Retro styling is fine, but if your retro includes tattered edges, frayed corners, fading colors, and scratched finishes, it's time for a facelift.

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Your building presence reflects your store's personality, reliability, and integrity - and yours. It doesn't matter if your business is a simple office or an expansive store, appearance makes a difference in customer and client perception.

Do you have to go full out renovation? No, not necessarily - unless the place is pretty ragged. There are some super simple things you can do to make your store or office appearance look fantastic without sinking a ton of money into it. Here are three of them.

Carpet Cleaning

As long as there is still some decent thread in your carpet, a thorough cleaning can do wonders for its appearance. Every area has its own weather. If you have carpet in your establishment, it's going to collect all kinds of dirt, dust, and moisture.

Say you have a store in Minneapolis. There's a good deal of winter there, which means lots of snow and possible mud. Finding a Minneapolis carpet cleaning expert will make those trudged upon carpets look like new.

Window and Wall Washings

Along the same lines, walls seem to get grimy just because they exist. A good washing or even a new coat of paint can brighten and clean up a store's look. Keeping clean windows will also allow the sunlight to shine into the area and it will seem shinier even in the moonlight.

Windows and walls collect the stuff that floats through the air, splashes from muddy or wet boots and clothing, or comes off fingertips and hands when people lean on the walls. You may not consciously notice the walls or windows getting dirty, but you'll sure notice the difference after they are cleaned.

Adding Pizzazz

Sometimes all you need is to give the area a little personality. This can be done easily with stone facades, mirrors, some paint color variations, rugs thrown here or there, changing lighting fixtures, and any number of subtle, inexpensive alterations.

You can inspire a positive business acumen simply by giving your building a clean, crisp, and interesting face - and it doesn't have to cost a bundle!