Going That Extra Mile

As a consultant, you can just do everything that you are supposed to.

You can go through the motions, as you are expected to do everyday.

You can know all of the pertinent information you should know.

But are these things going to be good enough to WOW your clients?

Nobody likes to hire people that don't innovate and go above and beyond in their profession. Having a unique quality or caring passionately about your clients usually means more than that thing that you just fixed for them.

A good example of going above and beyond would be a computer technician using Proxy Networks to remotely control and troubleshoot their clients' computers. After all, being able to fix the problem yourself at any time will make for a quick and painless remedy to a simple computer problem. While most technicians would first make the client call and set up an appointment a week later, the rep offering Remote Access is getting more done, making more people happier, and subsequently making more money along the way.

And of course it doesn't hurt that he is also offering 256-bit encryption for a secure connection through Proxy Networks. It's the highest protection in its class.

This technician wouldn't have it any other way.